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Care and Use Instructions for Acrylic Splints and Essix Splints

1.) Wear your splint every night. It will only work when it is in your mouth! Be patient, it may take some time to get used to your splint, but once you start wearing it regularly you will not be able to sleep without it.

2.) Do not expect an immediate cure for your symptoms. It can take some time to inflammation in the muscles and joints. It can take days or weeks for TMJ symptoms to improve.

3.) Clean your appliance with cold tap water and a wet toothbrush. Do not brush your splint with abrasive powders like toothpaste. You will also need to use a denture cleaner like Efferdent to clean the tarter buildup off your splint. This could be daily or weekly depending on how fast the tarter takes to accumulate.

4.) Store your splint in a denture cup or Tupperware-type container. The idea is to not let the splint dry our between uses. The acrylic could warp as it dries and may not fit. I recommend wetting a tissue with water, wrapping the splint in the tissue, and sealing it up in the container.

5.) Be careful while cleaning your splint. If you drop your splint in the sink, it could break. It if does break, it usually can be repaired in the office. Give us a call.

6.) Do not use cleaners like hydrogen peroxide or bleach on your splint. These chemicals are too harsh and could degrade the plastic used to make your splint, making it not last as long.

If you follow the above instructions, your splint should give you years of service. If you have any questions, please give us a call.


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